7 Tips for Stunning Landscape Photography

Travelling to new places, and capturing the beauty of beautiful landscapes from behind the lens, is probably one skill that every bag-packer or traveller wishes to master. No matter, how easy the latest camera devices makes it to click images in perfect resolution, the technicalities behind clicking jaw-dropping and stunning landscape photography, seems impossible to accomplish for most of us.

Nevertheless, the good news is that by keeping just a few important tips in mind, one can click almost perfect landscape pictures, and we are giving away some of the greatest photography secrets through this article!

Make use of the ‘Magic Hour’


For truly magical pictures, perfect timing is a prerequisite. This is the reason why most of the photographers, make use of the ‘magic hour’ to take absolutely breathtaking landscape shots. The magic hour, is basically referred to the time of the day, when the natural lighting is perfect – one of the most important factors to perfecting landscape photography. This magic hour, is usually during the time of dawn and dusk (2-3 hours before dawn or after sunset), when the sunlight is not too bright, and the beautiful colours of red, pink and purple submerging in the blue sky makes every shot even more enchanting.

Frame your Image

Every kinds of image need to have a focal point that draws the attention of the viewers to a particular aspect of the photograph. Without a focal point, it may be hard to make a picture memorable for the viewers. It is especially true for landscape photography, as without a focal point the picture might end up looking very empty. Therefore, make sure to look for a focal point before taking a landscape shot. Be it a beautiful tree, a lone standing house or the peak of a mountain, a focal point makes a great impression on any landscape photograph. A good tip would be to keep your subject off the centre to make the image look even more interesting. See the two images with grid lines on them, to get an idea.

Consider the Sky

Adding the sky to landscape photography can add drama to the pictures. A colourful sky can add unique effects to the picture without using added photography effects, while a dull, cloudy sky can add a mysterious effect to pictures. However if the sky is plain and cloudless, it could be a better idea to give wider screen space to other aspects of the landscape photography, be it the focal point of the picture or the ground.

Capture Movement


While most of us might feel, landscape photography is about capturing the calm and serene beauty of the nature, but capturing movement along with the beauty of the nature can add a vivid effect to any picture. Capturing the movement, however means looking for a longer shutter speed. Therefore, more light can hit the sensors, as compared to a regular image. It is therefore a good idea to shoot movement during the time of dawn or dusk, when there is lesser light. Moreover, it is also a good idea to use a tripod while capturing a movement, to ensure the camera remains stable throughout the shoot, and perfect pictures could be captured.

Consider the Weather


Weather can be a major factor to determining the quality of your shoot. Therefore, it is always recommended to have a look at the weather forecasts before going on a photography shoot. Many people tend to believe that a sunny day might bring better shots – in fact, a cloudy day might bring even better pictures and give a dramatic effect to the shots taken. It is recommended to look for any kind of weather apart from a bright sunny day to capture some of the best pictures, but of course while experimenting one can come up with unbelievably gorgeous shots, beyond their expectations. See the image below with heavy clouds in the distant that adds a great contrast to the image.

Use Slow Exposures

Professional photographers make use of slow exposures to add smooth effects especially while taking images of the sea or a flowing stream. However, in order to master the slow exposures effect, it is a great idea to use a tripod, as exposures can be seconds long. This can make manually taking pictures quite impossible to master, as a result it is recommended to keep the camera on a sturdy tripod to take a clear picture using this special feature.

Get out there!

Of course, mastering landscape photography would not be possible without exploring your location, and finding the perfect spot to take the best shots. Most people might believe photography is just about pressing the shutter release button, and at times using the flash. However, photography is a lot more than just that. It is more of a physical task that involves exploring places, looking for the right location, waiting for the right time of the day and then clicking the perfect shot. Therefore, be ready to put in effort while doing photography, get ready to know your surroundings, and your subjects and then a perfect shot is just a click away!


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